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About the Author

This is what the book jacket says about me:

"Mary Mycio is the pioneering American reporter who first visited the city of Kiev in 1989 to do a semi-clandestine interview with a Ukrainian environmentalist about the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl. She later became the Kiev correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and a contributer to a variety of newspapers around the world. With her background in journalism, a B.A. in biology and a law degree from New York University, she was uniquely positioned to write the story of Chernobyl. She has accumulated reams of material about the disaster's environmental and health effects and filled numerous notebooks with details of her many journeys into the Zone of Alienation. She currently lives in Kiev where she is also director of the IREX U-Media Legal Defense and Education Program for Ukrainian journalists."

That doesn't say it all, but you can't fit much on a book jacket.

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Weather in Chernobyl